Brothers helping brothers….. We might be a little Internet shy lately but when one of ours needs us we’re there…. Death Science is selling some shirts to help Wesley and Candy with medical bills…. Get me while they last… @death_science design by @machmodified #fuckcars (at

trashycandy's Husband was hit on his motorcycle last week by a car who didn't see him. He's been in the hospital unable to breathe on his own with bleeding on his brain and multiple fractures on his spine and neck. Help him out. Buy a tshirt!


So, our homeboy Wesley was in a bad wreck. He was blind-sided at 40. We are fortunate to have him with us still.

Wesley and Candy are proud hard-working people who would never ask for help… but, that’s what friends are for…. so, from NOW until the END of AUGUST Show Class Mag will DONATE 10% of all sales to Wesley and Candy to help them with mounting medical bills.

Thanks to all of you out there who support the mag!

Get well soon Wesley but until then we’ve got you covered….



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Update for Wesley

He is out of Icu! We are in a step down from icu and they are saying he should be in his own room later today. He is breathing really good and his vitals have been consistently stable. He is moving around quite a bit and no longer has the tube! He doesn’t have a lot to say unless you ask him questions. He is loopy from meds, but Docs just said they will be lowering the dosages today so he can become a little more clear. Physical therapy came yesterday to do an assessment and Wesley did pretty well. Since the tube is out I think he is on a fast track to recovery. He doesn’t remember the accident, so I’ve tried to fill him in on everything and this last time he seemed to retain the information. I told him how amazing people have been and how much help we have had and he took a deep breath and said that it was a lot to take in… He just got some pain medicine for his pelvis so I’m going to ask him about what we talked about to see if he remembers. He continues to say his pain level is a 5 out of 1-10 with 10 being the worst. I want to thank my friends, his family, and everyone that I know in the #deathscience family and all the people I don’t know for your positive words, purchases, and donations. Thank you for the posts and reposts! Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart! It’s really helped me focus on Wesley and nothing else! @death_science @show_class_mag #fuckcars (at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center)

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