lonelycanary asked:

You probably won't remember me but I came into forever 21 at Hanes mall forever ago and you picked out some really rad items for me to try on. I just wanted to say thanks for being sweet and also sorry that I'm being a creep right now. Hope you're doing well!


Oh that’s awesome !!!! Glad I could help, I would prob remember you but I can’t see your face :-( cool that you found me though!! ;-) xoxo hope all is great!

Always working :-)


B&W Fashion

Reconstruction underway …. 😀 #comingsoon #diy #2pieceset #etsyshop ONE OF A KIND !!!! 😊😊



lejackal asked:

Hi Jess! It's Jacquelyn from the Greene Street bathroom, haha. Finally found your tumblr again and decided to be a creep.


Hahaha YES!!!!! Hey girl lol!!! :-)

😆 #whitechapel #carnifex